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You’re Like a Local on our Savannah Sightseeing Tours

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Curious about Savannah history and ghost tours? Local food and drinks? We at Cool Savannah Tours and Gifts know you have been dreaming about your visit to Savannah – an enigmatic city full of hidden treasures and gems that are off the beaten path among our twenty two beautiful and mysterious squares. Whether on one of our nightly pub tours or special happy hour tours, we take you to the best of Savannahians’ most celebrated spots, which most tourists or lone travelers never discover.

On our tours, you are embraced as one of the locals for the night. Most tourists typically ask, “Where is the best place to go on River Street?” And, while not to discredit our beloved River Street, a local will let you know that the rest of the city is just waiting to unfold for you by saying, “Well, bless your heart!”

Here at Cool Savannah we are the home of the true local experience. So, we’ll fill you in on some top-secret tastes and spirits, at places where Savannahians have been frequenting for years. (When we mention spirits, we mean the drinking kind!) So, let us take you on a little journey for the next few minutes, and by the end…we are sure you will come with us on the best little walking tours of Savannah, that is Savannah’s Own…Cool Savannah Tours!:)

To start our journey, let’s go to the oldest brewpub in Savannah since 1996, the Moon River Brewing Company. The Moon River Brew Pub was once the City Hotel, originally opened in 1821, and it’s more than the awesome beer that brings locals into the Moon. Yes, Moon River is considered the most haunted brew pub in Savannah. The most notable visitors to the old City Hotel were folks that include Winfield Scott, the Marquis de Lafayette, three commodores of the U.S. Navy, and naturalist James Audubon who resided six months in the hotel. There are also other visitors who may choose to sit with you, which may be a soldier or two. That is, Confederate soldiers who never left before Sherman arrived with his Northern soldiers on the March to Sea.

However, the Moon River Brewing Company is more than haunts because they also brew all their beer in house. Yes Ma’am and Sir, they will quench that craft beer thirst! You can try your choice of the Captain’s Porter, a robust porter that, while taking a sip, you imagine dark chocolate. No! It’s not bitter! Also, try the American style-Indian Pale Ale, the Swamp Fox, an ale sure to sneak up on you if you don’t pay attention, which the hop-heads will enjoy for the assertive bitterness and huge floral, citrus, dry-hopped aroma. Or try the Moon’s new Boucane, a brown ale better known for its ability “to cure/smoke” and that derives its very name from “buccaneer,” after the early settlers who used wood frames to smoke heat from feral cattle and pigs on Hispaniola. You get the idea. This brown ale packs a wallop of flavor and a rich malt and the addition of a silky-oat finish.

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