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Three More Must-Sees on Your Savannah Sightseeing Tour

9 Drayton Street is the new name for the merger of two powerhouse restaurants that locals couldn’t get enough of: Maxwell’s and Zunzi’s 2. Yes-sir-indeedy, 9 Drayton Street has a flare for southern and southern-African flavors as the chefs of both have, according to the owner, “combined the best of both, and everything fresh!” The bartenders have mixed the spirits, as well, giving birth to the Cape-Town, a local classic made of tropical juices (cranberry, pineapple and sour mix), with four types of vodka (sorbet, vanilla, citrus and tropical). Plus a little bit of sherbet and south-African sweet tea top it off. Head on back here, and we’ll tell you a tale about the Irish boxing club, a fella by the name of Brute Bailey, and the old bar!

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Your Walking Tour of Savannah Attractions Continues . . .

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The next step on our journey is none other than the famous Olde Pink House. The tavern at the Olde Pink House is known for its eighteenth-century nostalgia, because it was the original home of the youngest son of the first royal governor of the 13th colony, James Habersham, Jr. His dad was a loyalist, while he was one of the Sons of Liberty – and he took twenty years to build this home.

His cavalry would make fun of ol’ Junior, seeing that the mortar that soaked into the brick home was his most detested color: pink. In response, the cavalry coined the aggravating term, “The Olde Pink House,” which is still the name of the structure 200 years later. Then, tragedy struck. Habersham’s wife had an early departure from her earthly home, as a result of the yellow fever epidemic of 1778, and then he took his own life in 1779.

And, the place he hanged himself? It’s the very place where many locals like to hear the pianist play show tunes and other fan favorites throughout the night in the tavern. Legend says that he adored hearing his wife play the piano, but you can only see him half the year! And, be prepared. Mrs. Habersham is a stickler for decorum, manners and proper etiquette. Do not be surprised when she lets you know to wash your hands, insists that you push your chair in after leaving the table or helps to instruct you to use the correct fork or knife. The tavern also has its own other hidden secret in the wine cellar, which was once a bank vault when the Planter’s Bank occupied the space.

The tavern at the Olde Pink House is ranked one of the top three places to visit in the Hostess City. You can relax by fire and candlelight while enjoying your choice of what the ladies love, The Pink Lady, a simple fan favorite drink with freshly squeezed lemonade and Absolut raspberry vodka, topped off with a raspberry garnish. The fellas, on the other hand, enjoy The Planter’s Punch, a simple pleasure of Bacardi Rum, Myer’s Park Rum, select fruit juices (pineapple and orange), and Grenadine. While you are chilling with the Pink Lady or the Planter’s Punch, why not get yourself the best local appetizer, the Shrimp and Grits Cheese Cakes: sautéed local shrimp, with country ham gravy and cheddar cheese grits cake.

Well, the lady has sure enjoyed our visit, but it’s time to depart to our final stop. Say goodbye until next time to Mrs. and Mr. Habersham for me . . .

Not Done Yet! Another Must-Visit Savannah Attraction

another savannah attraction

Our final stop on our little walk-about is the 17hundred90 Restaurant and Bar. Meet Anna, who is still haunting guests most nights in Room 204. She is a scorned little ghost who took her own life out of the second-floor window. Guests (mainly women) staying in Room 204 caution to not take your good underwear, or you might find your stuff missing, including your lovely hairbrush!

17hundred90 is considered to be the local neighborhood hangout. Let Martha make you a signature shot, whether it’s The Flu Shot (a sriracha, Bloody Mary mix and horseradish vodka), or The Key-Lime Pie Shot (whipped vodka, key lime juice, Triple-sec, cream, simple syrup and splash of Sprite). By the time you leave 17hundred90, you have been to one of the best. Just be sure little Anna doesn’t follow you home.

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