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Haunted Savannah Tours: Walk With the Spirits on Halloween

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“There is certainly a world beyond our normal consciousness from which neither space nor time divides us, but only the barrier of our sense-perceptions…. this threshold is not immovable.” (William F. Barrett, On the Threshold of the Unseen, 1918)

A Pew Research Center report shares that 18 percent of Americans have reported seeing a ghost, with 29 percent saying they’ve been in contact with the dead. Wondering why hauntings seem more frequent near Halloween? Ancient Celts believed that “during this time, the transition of the Autumn to Winter, is when the veil between the world of the living and the dead/supernatural is at its thinnest.”

If you include yourself among the believers, then we urge you to walk the streets of haunted Savannah with us during the month of October. If you aren’t yet a believer, then here is something to consider. According to Jason Hawes, founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society from the show, Ghost Hunters: “All a skeptic is is someone who hasn’t had an experience yet.”

History of Hauntings

Ghost stories have been recorded since at least the first century, A.D., and surely existed way before that. The Roman author, Pliny, wrote one of the first great ghost stories, when an “an old man with a long beard, rattling chains, was haunting his house in Athens.”

Four famous ghosts include:

  • Anne Boleyn, the unfortunate second wife of England’s King Henry VIII, who was beheaded by her husband after being accused of ghastly crimes, including witchcraft and incest. Her ghost is seen at her childhood home, Hever Castle, among other places.
  • America’s Ben Franklin floats near the American Philosophical Society’s library, some say, while his statue in front of the building can dance in the streets.
  • President Abraham Lincoln is spotted by his law offices in Springfield, as well as in the White House, where he surely spent many nights pacing during the horrific years of the Civil War.
  • Few people had the fortitude to be disrespectful to mob king Al Capone during his lifetime, and his ghost has reportedly appeared to disrespectful visitors near his grave – perhaps to admonish them. Meanwhile, “Spectral banjo music has supposedly been heard coming from inside Capone’s old cell at Alcatraz, where he was one of the first inmates.”

Haunted Savannah inside Cool Savannah!

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We have our ghostly visitors, right inside our own building. You can find out more about them here:

  • Over the past two years, at least five or six customers – unrelated to one another – have reported seeing a well-dressed Victorian-era woman calmly sitting on a couch at Cool Savannah, located at 42 E. Bay Street in historic (haunted!) Savannah. Two things they have in common: these eyewitness reports have all been unsolicited and they all mention her neck. Some believe she was hanged. Others simply refer to a neck trauma or mention her clothing around her neck – but all of the customers have rubbed the fronts of their own necks, as if elongating that body part, when describing her.
  • Ryan Dunn and Kris Kersten of Savannah Ghost Research Society conducted a paranormal investigation of our premises. You might already know about Ryan if you’ve read his books: Savannah’s Afterlife: True Tales of a Paranormal Investigator and its chilling sequel. And, whether you have or haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading his books, get ready for an up close and personal look at his work and results. We were quite intrigued by the duo’s findings, which included ten separate EVPs – electronic voice phenomena – where ghostly whispers were captured.

Best Haunted Tours in Savannah

The month of October is an ideal time to go on haunted tours in Savannah, GA. That’s when you can walk the thin line between September and October, believed to be when spirits hover closest to us. Consider these walking tours of Savannah:

  • Our ghost haunting tour: this fully narrated tour lasts 1.5 hours as you visit more than ten haunted sites! This walking tour is under a mile with easy, slow pacing.
  • Our haunted pub tour: the fully narrated walking tour is less than a mile long, providing you with exclusive entry into “no-access” sights. Adults, age 21 and up, please!
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