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Haunted History Scott the See'rJoin “Scott the See’r” on a journey to discover the “Haunted History of the Squares of Savannah”.   You’ll hear about the  tragedies  that  occurred  here  to  make   Savannah  the “Most Haunted City in America”.  Add this tour to your list of things to do in Savannah!!

Haunted History Tour Details

Our Haunted History Tour with “Scott the See’r” takes you on a journey to discover the haunted history of the “Squares of Savannah”.  Your tour guide, Scott, is  a  psychic  sensitive,  ‘seer’,  with  intriguing   stories  of  the  afterlife.

Some of the destinations  along the tour include  Moon  River  Brewing  Company,   Colonial  Park  Cemetery,  and  the  famous  Wright   Square,  better  known  as  ‘hanging  square’  to  the   colonists.

Understand  the  tragedies  that  occurred  here  to  make   Savannah  one  of  the  most  haunted,  if  not  the  most   haunted  city  in  America.   —

  • Tour  the  “crown  jewels”  of  Savannah’s  famous   squares.
  • Historically-­‐based  stories  presented  in  the  spots  were   the  unexplained  actually  occurred.   —
  • Intriguing  folk lore  of  murder,  suicide,  unnatural   deaths,  and  desecration  of  burial  sites.   —
  • Hear  traditions  and  superstitions  based  around  the   legendary  Colonial  Park  Cemetery.

This tour is scheduled for 5:00 pm & 10:00 pm on Tuesday, Thursday & weekends.  Reservations are required, so book now to make sure you get to experience the mystery of our Haunted History Tour with Scott The See’r.

How to make your reservations:

  • Book online with our user friendly system that shows you real time availability
  • Call us at 912-231-3571,
  • e-mail us at
  • stop in to see us at 42 E Bay St next to the Savannah Cotton Exchange

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