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Haunted Halloween in Savannah

Halloween in Savannah

Garden City, The Hostess City, The Creative Coast and The Coastal Empire are just a few nicknames given to Savannah, GA but the most intriguing nickname given to this city by far is Haunted Savannah. This is because Savannah is considered the most haunted city in America. With its long history which includes fires, disturbed burial ground, (in more than one location), yellow fever, and war it’s not hard to figure out why. There are only a few buildings lucky enough to say they are ghost free and for those that aren’t, well most have embraced their spooky neighbor. With open doors they allow for guest to roam through and experience the ghostly chill for themselves. But with a saturation of so many spirits it’s hard to decide where to venture. So in honor of Halloween we’re here to help navigate you through some of the best haunted tours Savannah has to offer. After all, you only get one night a year to do Halloween in Savannah right.

Halloween in Savannah - Juliette Gordon-Low

Juliette Gordon-Low Birthplace

Juliette Gordon-Low’s Birthplace

Girl Scouts and Ghost, Oh My! On March 12, 1912 Girl Scouts of the USA was founded by Juliette Gordon Low. Her home, now a National Historic Landmark, is open for visitors to tour year round. Many Girl Scout Troupes visit the home to pay homage and to connect with their founder. However, come night fall, this sweet tale takes on a darker tone. Many who visit the Gordon-Low mansion express feeling as though someone is in the room with them. Staff members and guest have noted strange sounds and some even claim to have seen someone who wasn’t really there, or felt a hand on their shoulder. For guests these experiences come as quite a shock but for the staff it is simple Nelly, Juliette’s mother roaming her home. If you want to get a glimpse of her for yourself, hop a ride with the Ghost and Gravestones Tour for this and other frightening stops.

Halloween in Savannah - Moon River Brewing Company

The legendary Moon River Brewing Company

Moon River Brewing Company

Savannah is known for its variety of spirits. From drinks to ghost there’s plenty to pursue, and what makes Moon River Brewing Company especially fun is that it has both. Its history starts with the Great Fire of 1820 which burned down nearly two-thirds of Savannah. Out of the ashes the first hotel in Savannah was built in 1821 by Charleston native Eleazer Early, it was known as the City Hotel. Since then it has seen fights, shooting and lynchings. When Gen. Tecumseh Sherman led the Union Army through Georgia the hotel closed. The City Hotel survived the Civil War but sat mostly unused until the 1990s, when it was renovated into Moon River Brewing Company. Since its opening there have been many accounts from staff and customers of ghostly encounters, some of them violent. The most famous of these ghost is Toby, who apparently haunts the billiard room, he has been known to push guest and staff. Despite this, the most frightening part of Moon River is actually their unused upper level. There were a handful of times an attempt at restorations were made, but after some scary instances and every workman quitting, the upstairs has been left alone- Except for the nightly haunted tours which include Haunted Pub Crawls. These “crawls” bring together Moon River Brewing Company’s infamous ghosts and their specialty drinks. But you don’t stop only there as the Hunted Pub Crawl also includes stops at other haunted bars such as Tondee’s Tavern, 1790 and more. With a tour like this, especially for a Halloween in Savannah, a little liquid courage is never a bad thing.

Halloween in Savannah - Colonial Cemetery

Colonial Park Cemetery

Colonial Park Cemetery

The best way to celebrate Halloween in Savannah is with a classic trip to a cemetery, and we have the perfect one to visit. Considered one of the most haunted places in Savannah, Colonial Park Cemetery is sometimes called Paranormal Central. The cemetery opened in 1750 and is now the final resting place to many of Savannah’s earliest residents. What used to be a larger park is now just 6 acres. Some attribute this as to why the cemetery is so haunted. This is because when the cemetery was downsized none of the graves were moved, just paved or built over. Add that with the thousands of victims of Yellow Fever, dueling and other tragic deaths and there seems to be a good reason for all the sightings of ghost, apparitions and shadowy figures. The best way to hear about these stories is trough a Ghost Hauntings Tour that takes you through some of Savannah’s most haunted stomping grounds.

Halloween in Savannah, America’s Most Haunted City 

The celebration of Halloween is approaching fast and these tours are a great way to celebrate the haunted evening. Booking a tour is easy as they are all available on the Cool Savannah Tours & Gifts site. So as you prepare for the coming spooky holiday, keep your loved one close, and enjoy the tours.

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