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Cool Savannah Tours & Gifts is not just about tours! We have a fantastic gift shop that is restored to 1860 decor, and overlooks both Bay Street and the Savannah River.

We have the most unique selection of  souvenirs, estate jewelry, collectibles, antiques, art, and historical gifts in the South.  We also carry some convenience items that you may need during your time in Savannah, including soft drinks, umbrellas, batteries, and much more.

We’ve recently added a number of “made in Savannah” area items to our gift selection.  We now have a great selection of all natural soaps & lotions that includes a natural insect repellent.  Additional items include “Scent from Savannah” soy candles, hot sauces, and artwork.    

Our antiques and collectibles include some of the following items:

  • Chandeliers and lighting fixtures 
  • Furniture – wooden desks & chests, a classic Setee, and much more 
  • Vintage “Playbills” from some of the most renowned plays on Broadway
  • Glassware & china – crystal, porcelain, sterling silver, etc. 
  • Vintage books ranging from early editions of Gone With the Wind to classics on our presidents & antiques from Shakespeare 
  • Framed & often, signed documents – some dating back to the early 1900’s 

Forrest Gump gifts and our “Gump Bench” 

Gump BenchWe have framed posters along with a number of “Gump Books” in our Forrest area.  Stop by and take your picture doing your best impression of Forrest on our Gump Bench.  Occasionally we get some original, signed items that are priceless to collectors.  

You can now order from us at any time by using our online store.  We’ve started with a modest selection of items, but we are looking forward to adding more soon.  

The gallery below provides just a taste of the selection we offer.  Since many items are “one of a kind”, individual items shown may not be available when you visit, but you’ll be sure to find new and exciting items.  Stop by to see us when you’re in Savannah, the Garden City.

Don’t leave Savannah without getting your special someone a special gift from Cool Savannah Tours & Gifts.