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Continuing Your Like-a-Local Savannah Sightseeing Tour

Last month, we shared a glimpse of the true local experience of Savannah, revealing a place that natives have visited for years for good eats – and drinks. Now, here’s another secret of the locals.

Following our history round-a-about, we go next to Tondee’s Tavern, which is the old Merchant and Planter’s Bank. The Merchant and Planter’s Bank was the primary financial institution for stockholders of the slave trade and cotton industry.

Maybe you’re already convinced that you want to visit this tavern on your walking tour of Savannah – and we’d be glad to have you!

More about this Treasured Savannah Attraction

Savannah attraction: Tondee's Tavern

The modern-day Tondee’s Tavern derives its name from the original Tondee’s Tavern, which was once located at the corner of present-day Whitaker Street and Broughton Street. Tondee’s Tavern takes us even further back into history, being the home of the original Sons of Liberty, where the first Savannah Republicans met and discussed their next tactics against the Loyalists. On Tondee’s basement level are plenty of old tunnels used for the War of Independence – plus the Underground Railroad and the slave trade.

Tondee’s packs the most famous original hunch-punch to go along with some awesome baby-back-ribs. The Chatham Artillery Punch was devised by the wives of the first artillery group in Savannah to build morale for their husband-soldiers. However, Savannah remained under Loyalist control until 1786, and the punch did not have any alcohol. So, to celebrate the punch, the soldiers mixed a-little-bit-of-this and a lot-a-bit-of-that, and you got yourselves, folks, the Chatham Artillery Punch.

This drink is a one “well” of everything (gin, bourbon, rum). Put that with a mixture of good-ole Savannah sweet tea, lemonade, cherries, and other select fruits, topped off with champagne – and whoo-whee, you got yourselves the Chatham Artillery Punch, which is sure-fired to get you snockered! Oh, and I might mention that concoction ferments for ya just RIGHT!

Planning a Savannah Sightseeing Tour for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day in Savannah

Valentine’s Day in Savannah: Romantic!

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