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Candles Inspired By Savannah

When the staff at Scent from Savannah set out to create its new line of candles, they found their inspiration all around them in Savannah.  The city is filled with sights and images that are all its own.


It’s hard to come to Savannah and not take home memories from all over this beautiful city.  Scent from Savannah soy candles were designed just for that!  Take home a bit of Savannah and relive your vacation again and again.

Plantation Oak and Moss

Plantation Oak and Moss candles are inspired by the beautiful live oaks lining the streets of Savannah, draped with Spanish Moss.  The scent itself has tones of woody and musk base notes, with hints of herbs and amber.  Neither classified as masculine or feminine, this candle will fit into anyone’s lifestyle and setting

Night Blooming Jasmine

Night Blooming Jasmine candles came about with the early summer blooming of Jasmine throughout Savannah.  The fragrance is bright and lively with a touch of warmth.

Sweet Pralines

Our Sweet Pralines candles are a salute to the fact that people come from all around the country to buy handmade pralines on River Street.  The candle is an irresistible blend of warm vanilla and caramel weaving through dark brown sugar and butter-drenched pecans.

Savannah Cotton Fields

Our Savannah Cotton Fields candles mark an era when “Cotton was King” and brought wealth to the city allowing its citizens to fill it with lavish and elegant homes.  The Savannah Cotton Fields candles combine classic cotton notes with floral and woody accents.   They’re also infused with a touch of clove leaf essential oil.

Tybee Island Breeze

Tybee Island Breeze is like a visit to the Atlantic beach community of Tybee Island.  Less than half an hour’s drive from Savannah, it’s been named one of “America’s Happiest Seaside Towns” by Coastal Living magazine.  Tybee also has been named one of “20 Coolest Beach Towns in America” by the Matador Network.   Our candles blend scents of linens drying in the ocean breeze, the blend includes herbal, floral and citrus note.  We’ve infused our candle with natural orange and patchouli essential oils.

House of Pink Magnolias

Nothing says the South like streets lined with beautiful magnolia trees!  Our House of Pink Magnolias candles bring to mind these grand trees and beautiful  blossoms.  This is one of our most popular fragrances that is sure to be a warm-weather favorite!

Midnight Gardener

If anyone witnessed the gun shots at 429 Bull street, it would have been the Midnight Gardener peering through the windows of library on the main floor.  Only the Midnight Gardener would know the secrets of the famed mansion!

Our Midnight Gardener candles are a blend of lily, lilac, rose, hyacinth and more!  They’re an ode to the beautiful gardens and their keepers that surround the stunning estate homes throughout Savannah.

Georgia Peach

Georgia chose the Peach as it’s state fruit in 1995.  Georgia is known as the peach state because our peaches are known throughout North America for their superior flavor, texture and appearance.  So why not create  candles that have a bright fruity bouquet that reminds you of fresh cut peaches?

Georgia Peach and Night Blooming Jasmine, the two first fragrances introduced in the Cool Savannah Tours & Gifts store, sold out in less than 5 days.  Cool Savannah now carries all 8 scents!

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