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Books & Boo’s Book Signing | Things to do in Savannah, GA

22405506_10208074834468800_4288627260986457489_nIf you’re looking for some cool things to do in Savannah, GA next weekend, come join us on Saturday, October 28, for our very first ‘Books & Boo’s’ book signing event! 3 local authors will be on hand to answer questions and sign books. Read their exciting bios below. Stop on by to pick up your signed copies and grab a little Halloween treat. Event will take place from 1PM-3PM on Saturday, October 28 at Cool Savannah Tours & Gifts.  We are located at 42 East Bay Street, Savannah; right next door to the historic Cotton Exchange.

Ryan Dunn

Ryan is the author of “Savannah’s Afterlife: True Tales of a Paranormal Investigator,” which is a book that features historical and paranormal research findings at some of Savannah’s most haunted locations. Ryan and his wife Kim own and operate Afterlife Tours, a ghost tour that features real paranormal evidence captured by their research team, the Savannah Ghost Research Society. Ryan and his team have been featured on A&E’s My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera, Destination America’s Paranormal Lockdown, SyFy Channel’s Paranormal Witness, and most recently Travel Channel’s Haunted USA. Ryan and his team at the Savannah Ghost Research Society are the ones who conducted the investigation at Cool Savannah Tours & Gifts and discovered our very own inhabitants from the spiritual world!

Michael Karpovage

Michael has worked in the graphic design and marketing field for over twenty years as an award-winning art director and map illustrator. He has created a broad range of commissioned 2D and 3D maps. The Savannah Historic District Illustrated Map (2012) was his first birds-eye-view pictorial map available to the public. In 2015, he released a companion title, the Haunted Savannah Illustrated Map, to capture tales of the dead in America’s Most Haunted City. 2016 saw the release of the Bonaventure Cemetery Illustrated Map. Michael is also a published novelist; Crown of Serpents (2009) followed by Map of Thieves (2014). Michael is a native of western New York and a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology. He lives in Roswell, GA.

Brandon McLeod Humphrey

Brandon is the author of “Spirits,” a fictional book about horrifying encounters by a ghost hunting team that decides to take one case that pushes them too far. Brandon, along with his wife Christy, own and operate Voodoo Blue Paranormal, a ghost research team that travels throughout the United States investigating haunted asylums, abandoned prisons, and many other locations. The two recently moved to the Savannah area from Minnesota as they continue to follow their passion for all things haunted.

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