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Book Signing Benefitting the Historic Savannah Foundation

Book Signing Event at Cool Savannah Tours & Gifts – Friday, February 23

Author/Scriptwriter Rick Garman will offer a signed copy of his new buzz-worthy novel INTERITAS Volume 1: Beginning of Sorrows at Cool Savannah Tours & Gifts

Interitas by Rick Garman

Interitas Volume One by Rick Garman

Fourteen-year-old Caden Roth knows Savannah. Its grand history dating back to 1733 as the first planned city in the new colony of Georgia, the last of the original 13 colonies that formed the nascent United States of America. Its distinction as Georgia’s first colonial capital and its first state capital. She appreciates the way the city’s leadership through the centuries wisely maintained so much of Savannah’s historical infrastructure and ambiance – the cobblestone streets and walkways in parts of the city; the open plaza on River Street down on the southern bank of the Savannah River; the row of former cotton factories and other workaday businesses rising three floors up above it known as Factor’s Walk, carefully converted over time into shops, tour stops, restaurants, bars, inns and the like. The stately 18th and 19th century homes and other buildings dotting the downtown Landmark Historic District, sporting a variety of ornate architectural styles.

But it was the 22 park-like squares that remained of Savannah’s original 24 that most enthralled Caden. Each was graced with the city’s iconic ancient live oak trees, draped in Spanish moss, adorned by Mother Nature during much of the year with various colorful flowers and flowering bushes. Most also contained handsome statuary.

Indeed, Caden was lucky enough to live beside one of Savannah’s squares – Troup Square – in a renovated 19th century home. An armillary sat in the center of the square supported by six turtles atop a marble base, the whole of it surrounded by concentric circles of stone and brick. The open-globe metal structure modeled the celestial spheres. Its center was pierced by a lance and several metallic rings encircled the globe, one with gleaming golden three-dimensional zodiac symbols. Another had etched-in Roman numerals. In ancient Greece, armillary spheres were used to track celestial orbits and to mark solstices and equinoxes. This one served also as a sundial. The armillary was one of Caden’s favorite things in Savannah.

Yes, Caden knew Savannah…until the fateful day she realized she didn’t know Savannah at all! The day she met her guardian angel Grey and realized that Savannah was infused by a spirit world known as Interitas, where angels and demons do battle and she – and her beloved Troup Square armillary – play key roles.

                                                                                                                             Wayne Waters



Caden Roth’s creator, Rick Garmen, is the author of “INTERITAS Volume 1: The Beginning of Sorrows,” the new novel that features the young Savannah heroine. Rick will be signing copies of the book at Cool Savannah Tours & Gifts on Friday, February 23 from 5 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. and donating the proceeds to the important work of the Historic Savannah Foundation. For a suggested $20 donation, visitors will receive a signed copy of the book.

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Wayne is a downtown Savannah resident who has been an independent journalist for more than a decade, a WRUU 107.5 radio show host and producer, and also regularly mans the shop at Cool Savannah Tours & Gifts.

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